Living With Lyme Disease


Living with Lyme Disease

Self-help for coping with the challenges of chronic and post-Lyme

Living with Lyme Disease is an easy to use self-help guide of holistic techniques to address some of the common symptoms and challenges of Lyme disease. Written by Helene Brecker, an Energy Medicine Practitioner who struggled with losing muscle strength in her legs and the ability to walk along with cognitive changes all stemming from a tick bite. The book offers techniques to empower the individual to help themselves in their own healing with the tools they have on hand – their hands.

Part I offers some theories of Chinese Medicine, explains the modalities being used, and provides definitions of terms. Part II lists the systems affected and various energetic techniques to work with those challenges. The mental or physical challenges being faced are easily located and have descriptions of the techniques and how to work with them. Illustrations accompany verbal descriptions.

As Donna Eden puts it, “Helene Brecker was one of the 100,000 people each year whose symptoms could not be controlled by medication. I have watched her healing unfold, and it has been a poignant victory of the human spirit using human ingenuity to tackle an enormous challenge. Her body was her laboratory, the canvas on which she painted a moving picture of her return to health. Like many who have overcome a terrible disease after conventional remedies have not worked, she is passionate – in the tradition of the “wounded healer” – to bring what she has learned to others. This book not only describes her journey back to health, it leaves markers on the path that others can follow.”