Awe, Wellness and Radiant Circuits

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October 4, 2016
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October 21, 2016

Awe, Wellness and Radiant Circuits


On Sunday, October 9, 2016 I read an article in the Parade magazine insert entitled, “Feeling Awe May Be the Secret To Health and Happiness” by Paula Spencer Scott that got me thinking about an energy system known as the Radiant Circuits in Eden Energy Medicine. The article mentioned studies in Arizona and California that describe awe as a “dramatic feeling with the power to inspire, heal, change thinking and bring people together.”

What exactly is awe? It’s not just a majestic vista or having an amazing experience or even an epiphany. It can be as simple as a friend’s unexpected generosity or the sight of a spider web glistening with dew droplets at sunrise. Awe makes up stop and pause to think. This action is counter to the day to day stresses that trigger our “fight-or-flight” response.

One study found that awe made people nicer. The experiment had subjects look at a photo of either a stand of the tallest North American eucalyptus trees or a plain building. When a tester “accidentally” dropped a pen in front of the subjects, the tree gazers more often picked up the pen.

They also found awe alters our bodies as noted by studies linking time in nature to lower blood pressure and stronger immune systems. In other studies evidence showed “measured improvements in psychological well-being, social functioning and life outlook.” Veteran’s stress dropped by 30% in one study,

So what about these Radiant Circuits? Also known as extraordinary vessels or strange flows in Traditional Chinese Medicine, this energy system is thought to have formed before the meridians. They have no set pathways, rather serve as reservoirs of energy and can send blood and Qi anywhere in the body where it is needed. The 8 Radiant Circuits mobilize and distribute energies stored in the Kidney throughout the body for healing.

These strange flows are highly responsive to thoughts and emotions and stimulate feelings of joy and other positive feelings – like awe. They can both attract us, and attract to us, uplifting events in the world. Stimulating these extraordinary vessels can create inner joy. Feelings of joy counteract stress and promote healing.

The Radiant Circuits share points with some meridians and can be used for physical symptoms. They range from regulating hormones and body chemistry, relieving low back pain; helping with digestive issues, supporting a strong immune system, are capable of sending energy deep into the body to supporting the chakras.

There are several combinations of points that can be used for a variety of psycho-emotional symptoms. Among them being a feeling of being grounded, experiencing joy, glory and wonder, harmonizing with others and the environment and building self-confidence.

There are lots of ways to turn on your Radiant Circuits. You can smile, laugh, play, dance, listen or sing to music you love, spend time in nature, banishing negativity and getting your back scratched. There are also specific energy medicine techniques to get them going. One of my personal favorites is called “Heaven Rushing In,” an exercise Donna Eden does at the end of each of her workshops. I am always moved to tears with the outpouring of joy and love. It leaves me with a sense of awe.

Studies are showing that awe helps with reducing stress and according to AZ State University psychologist Michelle Shiota it’s a “basic part of being human that we all need.” And if awe is one of things we need for health and happiness, bring on the RCs.