5 Morning Affirmations to Make Your Day a Success

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June 4, 2016

5 Morning Affirmations to Make Your Day a Success

Mornings signify freshness and a brand new start. Mornings bring with them a hope of new beginnings and an opportunity to live life over. But many times, our days start on a bad note. And if something bad happens first thing in the morning, the entire day becomes a crazy experience. However, if the mornings start well, there is an impossibly sweet tune to the day.

Affirmations are a sure-fire way of making sure that your mornings start on the right note. They are one of the easiest ways to change your day (and life).

Why Affirmations?

There is something to be said about releasing positive vibrations to the universe. As soon as you release a positive intention out there, you immediately feel happy and pleased about it. Saying these statements out loud can also help your brain to wrap itself around them and a brilliant day is miraculously produced.

Here are some thoughts to channel first thing in the morning that can change the way you feel and make the day a pleasurable experience.

#1: Today is going to be a great day.

Every day has the potential to be a great day. Or a bad day. There is a reason why your special days are so special. They are the days when you feel happy from the very beginning. You start your day excited and that excitement carries on for the rest of the day.

This affirmation is the base for the rest of the affirmations that follow, and is the single most important thought you can hold.

You can replace great with brilliant, splendid, or extraordinary.

To remember to say this every morning, say it as soon as your feet touch the ground.

#2: I will do good today.

Saying this simply means that you will help someone by giving them a positive nudge. You will bring someone hope, joy, or reduce their suffering. Even a simple smile may suffice.

To remember to say this every morning, say it as soon as you wash your face.

#3: Everything is happening perfectly.

Life brings sorrow to us many times in a day, often because of very small situations. To keep this sorrow in check, it is important to trust the higher power.

Everything is happening the way it is supposed to be. And it is perfect.

Every moment brings with it a lesson. The lesson is one of the key aspects of living a soulful life. This affirmation makes sure that we are taking that lesson well.

To remember to say this each morning, say it while brushing your teeth.

#4: I act from a place of love and courage.

Anger can single-handedly ruin an entire day. It is impossible to keep anger at bay always. Sometimes, it creeps in at the least expected time.

While we cannot always stop the things that make us angry, we can choose to act from a place of love and courage.

To remember to say this each morning, say it while drinking water or tea.

#5: I am enough.

Enough said.

To remember to say this each morning, say it while doing your morning workout or during your commute to work.

Some Guidelines:

  • The routine mentioned above is important because it triggers you to hold that thought. You can (and should) modify this routine as per your daily schedule.
  • Holding these thoughts is powerful, but you can also say them out loud (but don’t wake up your neighbors). You can also say them multiple times.
  • Keep track of how your day changes after you start channeling these thoughts. Compare. The positive results will inspire you make thinking these thoughts a regular routine.

Let us think our way to great days.

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